Ivory Foreign Employment Agency Office view

Ivory Foreign Employment Agency, also known as Ivory Manpower locally, is widely acknowledged in Sri Lanka for its expertise in supplying employees across various categories in the Secondary and Tertiary sectors.

Approved by the Sri Lankan government authority, the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment, under Labour License no. 2404, our agency operates seamlessly. Currently, we collaborate with industries and agencies in Jordan, Oman, Egypt, Kuwait, Dubai, etc., particularly in the housemaid and garment industry categories.

We have the capability to promptly provide skilled workers for immediate engagement, drawn from our pre-enrolled pool after a thorough preliminary interview. Our screening process ensures that applicants align with our clients’ requirements, offering flexibility. While clients have the autonomy to independently select employees based on merit, we take responsibility for the diligent service of the recruited workforce.

Our commitment is to foster a strong business relationship and deliver exceptional customer service. This involves maintaining open communication channels, promptly addressing customer queries, and accommodating requests for convenience.

Ivory Foreign Employment Agency Office view
Our Vision

To revolutionize the human resources industry by delivering exceptional client and candidate experiences, empowering careers, and fostering a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable workforce globally.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to understanding the unique needs of our clients and candidates, providing tailored solutions that exceed expectations. We strive to create an environment where professionalism, integrity, empathy, and collaboration thrive, enabling us to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and the success of organizations.

Our Values

Client and Candidate Centricity

We put the needs and aspirations of our clients and candidates at the forefront, delivering personalized services and solutions that drive their growth and success.


We are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality, professionalism, and ethical conduct in everything we do.


We embrace innovation and continuously seek to improve our processes, services, and solutions to stay ahead of industry trends and meet evolving needs.


We believe in empowering individuals by providing them with the tools, resources, and opportunities to reach their full potential, both personally and professionally.

Diversity and Inclusion

We celebrate diversity and promote an inclusive culture, recognizing that different perspectives and backgrounds contribute to a more creative, innovative, and successful organization.


We are dedicated to sustainable practices that positively impact our communities and the environment, ensuring a better future for generations to come.

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