From single searches to long-term outsourcing of the entire recruiting function, our comprehensive recruitment process at Ivory Foreign Employment Agency possesses the breadth and depth of expertise to meet the talent acquisition needs of the world’s largest and most complex businesses. Flexibility, innovation, and impact are at the heart of our approach to building client partnerships.


Ivory Agency participating at a Job Fair in Sri Lanka.

We are committed to providing total customer satisfaction with excellent quality and services. Our agency stays up-to-date with all the latest updates in rules and regulations implemented by the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment at all times.

Ivory Foreign Employment Agency is well-known for supplying overseas manpower and has gained extensive experience over the years, establishing a solid reputation among foreign nationalities. We have been recognized for providing outstanding service to clients across Asia and the Middle East.

Our Recruiting Procedures

Ivory Foreign Employment Agency will carry out the following activities in Sri Lanka on behalf of foreign employers under the rules and regulations of the Government of Sri Lanka.

Upon receiving an authenticated vacancy demand from an overseas employer, we will apply to the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment for recruitment permission with the following documents:

  • Demand Letter

    A copy of the demand letter from the Employer/Foreign Recruiter containing all details of the vacancy demand, duly authenticated.

  • Power of Attorney

    A copy of the power of attorney duly authenticated by the foreign Employer/Foreign Recruiter, appointing Ivory Foreign Employment Agency as the recruiting agent to act on their behalf.

  • Employment Agreement

    A specimen copy of the employment agreement or service agreement mentioning the offered wages and schedule of benefits, including accommodation, food, medical facilities, leave, etc.

    We take all necessary measures through recognized hospitals and clinics to check and recommend only those workers who are medically and physically fit and capable of working overseas. We also arrange their travel documents. The Employer or their representatives may then carry out interviews, trade testing, written tests, and provide other necessary assistance and logistics.

Medical Checkup

We take all necessary measures through recognized hospitals and clinics accredited by embassies to thoroughly assess and recommend only those workers who are medically and physically fit for overseas employment.

Comprehensive medical examinations conducted include compulsory HIV/AIDS testing, blood tests, chest X-rays, urine and stool analyses, as well as any other evaluations specifically requested by the Client. After clearing these stringent medical checks, we arrange the travel documents for the approved candidates.

The Employer or their representatives may then carry out interviews, trade testing, written assessments, and provide any other necessary assistance and logistics before final selection and deployment.


We assist the selected candidates in obtaining their passports, photographs, and other relevant certificates as quickly as possible. We also arrange the stamping of visas on the passports of the selected workers with the cooperation of the employer.


We provide basic orientation to selected workers before traveling abroad. During this orientation, the workers will be informed about their duties and responsibilities while abroad and first-hand information on the work environment, living conditions, and salient features of labor laws in the country of employment.

Ticketing and Emigration Clearance

Workers recruited by Ivory Agency ready to travel at the Bandaranaike International Airport

We arrange the passports and travel documents for the selected workers in cooperation with the employer.

Through our partnered travel agents, we also assist with booking and issuing air tickets for the candidates’ international travel. Additionally, we ensure the candidates successfully complete all emigration formalities and obtain the necessary clearances from the Sri Lankan Bureau of Foreign Employment before their final departure.

Our team guides the workers through the entire process, including reaching the airport well-prepared with the proper documentation, air tickets, and clearances required for their overseas employment. We collaborate closely with employers and travel partners to facilitate a smooth emigration process until the candidates are ready for their international flight and job deployment.

Follow Up

With each new assignment, our candidates have to work with unfamiliar environments, new procedures, and changing routines. It is our responsibility to ensure a smooth transition to the new assignment.

This ensures confident and well-prepared workers. We follow up with selected candidates for pre-departure and post-arrival formalities so that they can proceed to work promptly. Their medical check-up, processing of travel documents, and immigration formalities are taken care of by us.

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